Resume - Julien Goodwin

Mobile: +61-410-746-120
Location: Sydney, Australia (GMT+10, Melbourne or other relocation offers within Australia / New Zealand considered)

Work Experience
November 2021 to Present
Google Inc. Pyrmont, NSW
Senior Site Reliability Engineer (Corp Net)

Team supporting various Corporate Network related systems (Radius, DNS, DHCP, etc.).

Deep engagement with the corporate NOC to review their alerting and response processes, reducing operational toil and improving alert actionability.

April 2020 to November 2021
Google Inc. Pyrmont, NSW
Senior Site Reliability Engineer (Storage Insider Risk)

Examining and reducing risks from inside threats against Google's data storage systems.

December 2018 to April 2020
Google Inc. Pyrmont, NSW
Senior Site Reliability Engineer (Chrome)

Part of the team managing supporting infrastructure for the word's most popular web browser.

July 2011 to December 2018
Google Inc. Pyrmont, NSW
Network Engineer (Production) (July 2011 to Nov 2015)
Site Reliability Engineer (Network Edge) (Nov 2015 to Oct 2017)
Senior Site Reliability Engineer (Network Edge) (Nov 2017 to Dec 2018)

Part of the team managing several of the world's largest data networks.

From daily operational management through traffic engineering, automation and reporting systems.

Notable projects:

  • Part of design team for Google's "B1" global out-of-band backbone.
  • Lead maintainer of AS15169 routing policy, 2014-2018.
  • Designed & implemented routing design for Google Cloud Standard Tier Networking
  • Contributor to the network design for Google Stadia.

April 2008 to June 2011
Editure - Formerly MyInternet & SchoolsNet North Melbourne, VIC
System Engineer (Production)

Part of a team managing ~500 primarily Debian GNU/Linux servers (Also VMware, RHEL, CentOS, Solaris, Win 2k3) supporting thousands of schools and millions of end users worldwide.

Primary software: Debian GNU/Linux, Postfix, MySQL, Apache (v2), Squid, Nagios, Cacti

Primary hardware: Servers - HP, Dell; Storage - HP, NetApp; Networking - Juniper, Extreme, Cisco

  • Re-built complex network running on legacy Checkpoint (RHEL, Solaris) systems with Juniper SRX & EX combination.
  • Re-negotiated several major WAN and Internet transit links resulting in >70% cost savings with increased service levels, estimated first year savings of over $700k
  • Lead investigation & deployment of blade servers (HP BladeSystem), lowering server acquisition, maintenance & power costs
  • Lead migration to BGP connectivity with APNIC assigned address space, based on a Juniper platform
  • Optimised cooling of large (16 rack) office Server Room, improving PUE
  • Deployed production-quality IPv6 transit
  • Designed and implemented puppet based configuration management system, replacing ad-hoc scripts
  • Improved vendor relationships, leading to better access to test hardware and improved support
  • Some technical pre-sales consulting

July 2007 to March 2008
Asterisk IT (Now Noojee Contact Solutions) Abbotsford, VIC
VoIP integration specialist
  • Designed & built Asterisk based PBX's for clients, ranging from 10-200 handsets
  • Developed custom software to closer integrate PBX's into client's networks
  • Provided customer support via telephone, internet and site visits
  • Primarily worked with the Asterisk PBX on RedHat derivative platforms (RHEL, Fedora, CentOS, OpenSuSE)
    • Systems from Dell & IBM, with telephony interfaces from Digium
    • Phones from Snom, Polycom & Cisco/Linksys

October 2004 to October 2007
Strategic Data Pty Ltd - IT Strategic & Web Survey Carlton, VIC
Systems Programmer
  • Designed and implemented a corporate LDAP database, including data migration and ACL's, migrated many services to LDAP including writing custom authentication plugins
  • Designed and implemented a corporate spam filter with per user web management
  • Implemented a corporate SSL Certificate Authority
  • Implemented an automated network Windows & Linux installation system, and semi-automated Mac OS X management
  • Designed and implemented a custom Linux (iptables) based multiport bridging firewall
  • Designed new office network (Cat6a for upgrade to 10Ge, PoE & Gigabit to all ports, server room design, custom built 19" racks & power systems)
  • Designed integrated WPA2-Enterprise wireless LAN with rotating key WPA-PSK for guest access, Cisco AP's authenticating via FreeRadius to corporate LDAP server

The Worst Outage I Never Caused PyConline AU (DevOops Track) Sept 2020
Designing & manufacturing a custom embedded linux machine Jan 2019
Toolmaking (Sysadmin Miniconf) Jan 2019
"A seven layer sponge cake" An overview of VOIP security OSDC 2007 Nov 2007
This is only a partial list of some of the more recent or notable. A more complete list of public presentations, many with slides and/or video is available at
  • Linux Australia - Parent organisation of, member since 2004, Secretary 2019-2021
  • LUV - Linux Users of Victoria - Member since 2002, Secretary 2005-2007, Ordinary 2010-2011
  • Melbourne Wireless - Member since 2003, Treasurer 2008-2009

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